What is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service, and it is synonymous with text message, text, TXT, etc. An SMS (text message) is a short message, which can be sent to and from a cellular phone.

What is the advantage of using this service?

Having the ability to text all your clients with a simple click of a button is a very powerful tool knowing 98% of those people will read that message.

How do Opt-In Keywords work?

You create a keyword that has something to do with your company, then you advertise that keyword on the internet, radio, magazines, your packaging with a caption that states “To receive exclusive text specials, promotions and alerts text “Textvending” to your dedicated number.

What is Landing Pages?

Landing pages gives you the ability to make a mobile friendly website and then be able to text that website to all your subscribers. You can include text, images and even video on landing pages.

Do my text messages come from different phone numbers?

No! You get a dedicated line & all your messages will come from that phone number so people can actually save your number to their phones.

How much does it cost?

We offer different monthly plans depending on how many phone numbers you have in your account and how many messages you send per month but you can get messages as low as 2 cents per text which is much less then our competitor and you don’t have to pay extra for 306 character limit.